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Cherise McClimans Photography Editing Services

The Process

Everybody loves more free time and that's exactly what you'll get when you hire us to edit your images! The process is simple;

  • Upload your images to Dropbox

  • E-mail us the link to the images

  • Let us know what you want done

  • We send an invoice that you pay

  • We edit and send them back

Easy peasy! 

The cost

Most people know that the cost will vary based on the job, the number of images, and what specifically needs to be done. All of our pricing can be found on the Rates Page, (or just scroll down this page!) if you have a unique job and would like a custom quote, please contact us with more details and we will respond within 24 hours. 



After a job is completed an invoice is e-mailed to you which can be paid via debit, credit or PayPal for your convenience. Keep the receipts and give them to your CPA as our services may be considered a tax write off. 

**NOTE: We are not tax professionals, nor are we offering legal advice, please speak with your CPA for more information on whether our services could be a tax write off for you. **

Fine print

Due to the fact that this is a custom digital product all sales are final. 


“Cherise is great at what she does and goes above and beyond. Images are done on time, she has great communication and wonderful edits. I will definitely use her again.”

— Destiny Autumn

“Cherise is the BEST! She seriously can do anything AND she is fast, like so fast! I used to use a different editor but she was so unreliable and weeks would go by without any edits. It blew me away when Cherise started doing my edits... I would not only get them the same day, but only hours later! Cherise has done work for me like adding people into photos, moving people around in photos, and taking the glare off of glasses. INCREDIBLE!!!!”

— Anna Arpasi

“They are so fast and responsive and their editing looks fantastic! They were able to work with some JPEG files I had, when I lost the RAW files. I’m 100% happy with the results!”

— Heather Westcott



The Process

Upload your images to dropbox 


Share the link via e-mail 


We edit, you relax

Turnaround Times

Single Image Edit: Within 48 hours

Portrait Session: 3 business days 

Weddings: 7-10 days 

Rush: You may rush any order for an additional convenience charge of 25% (based on availability)

We invoice you for the work 

Payments can be made via credit, debit or PayPal through our invoicing system.

cherise mcclimans payment





We would love to help you out with your editing needs! Please fill out this short survey to help us learn more about your editing style.

Test edit images can be e-mailed to

Tell us a little about your editing style
Tell us a little about your editing style
When I edit my own images, I add a lot of contrast.
When I edit my own images I prefer highlights to be very light, almost blown.
When I edit my own images I prefer highlights to be brought down and neutralized.
When I edit my own images I prefer darker shadows.
When I edit my own images I tend to make them warmer.
When I edit my own images I tend to make them more magenta than green.


Terms of Service

This Website agreement, herein after the “agreement”, is between you and Cherise McClimans - Editor and her team, (the individual(s) who run this website and Cherise Edits on facebook). Use of this website or Cherise Edits on facebook, herein after “Cherise McClimans and her team” signifies your agreement with all the terms and conditions of the agreement. If you do not agree with the set forth terms and conditions of the agreement, do not go any further into the website.

Conditions of Use:

You agree to read the terms and conditions before proceeding with an editing job. Continued use of Cherise McClimans and her team as your editor means your continued acceptance of the following terms.

License to use images: 

You grant permission for Cherise McClimans and team to use, alter, edit, transmit, modify, display, copy, communicate with these images solely for the purpose of completing your order. You acknowledge that you hold the copyright to these images or that you have been granted permission to send Cherise McClimans and her team these images by the copyright holder.

No images will be placed in our “before and after” gallery without express permission being granted in documented form (via message or e-mail). You retain all copyrights to your images, and acknowledge that you understand the copyright laws and are not breaking any copyright laws when sending images to Cherise McClimans and her team.

Payment and Refund Policy

Payment is due immediately. Due to the nature of the service involved, all sales are final.

Revisions on Images

You will be allotted one round of revisions on images sent, to tailor to your specific needs.

Please note that these needs will be based off of the selected method that you have chosen in your original purchase. Example: If you choose a basic package and request advanced editing, you may incur an additional fee that reflects this change. Should this be the case you will be notified in advance and asked to approve the additional charge.

Dropbox Upkeep: 

All dropbox folders will be removed from Cherise McClimans and her team’s dropbox after a 2 week period. Please make sure you have saved all of your images or have a backup copy, these will be removed without notice.

A note from Cherise: 

These terms of service are to protect us in an unforeseen circumstance. I understand how important these images are to you and your business and I want you to be satisfied. The best way to get what you want, is to clearly and effectively communicate your desires. I love you guys and wish you all the very best in your business.


Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.